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Posted by Mark Gadala | 06 May 2013
The State of SEO & Social Media in Miami (& the world) 2013

The Olden Days Back around 2008 there was an explosion of SEO companies that for the most part all had the exact same strategy as follows: 1. Perform some shotty on-page changes that included keyword stuffing and internal link manipulation 2. Spam 100's or 1000's of links from sites with varying page ranks (usually inflated)...

Posted by Mark Gadala | 07 May 2013
Bloggers Are the Rock Stars of our Generation

Most people when they hear the word "blogger" picture something like this: But if you heard that they worked from home and wrote about what they love and never had to report to a boss, you might change your mind. The truth is that the need for content, more specifically quality content is still in...

Posted by Mark Gadala | 07 May 2013
1 Blog Post a Day Challenge

It is my humble opinion that we are in the golden era of website development.  We have reached a moment in which another tech bubble is growing and growing fast.  The value of having traffic, more specifically quality traffic to your website/blog cannot be understated.  The average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for a specific...

Posted by Mark Gadala | 09 May 2013
SEO is becoming REAL Online Marketing

After watching Wil Reynolds @wilreynolds Mozcon 2012 presentation on #RCS (Real Company Sh*t) it began to dawn on me that SEO the way it is traditionally thought of has had almost nothing to do with real marketing tactics in recent history.  It seems the goal of most SEO's to this point has been to somehow "trick"...