Social Media Marketing Miami

Social Media Marketing Miami

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Social Media Marketing is quickly becoming the fastest form of Internet Marketing in Miami and around the globe. By providing consistent quality content for your client/customer base to follow and allowing your customers and clients to provide real time feedback and responses to questions you can begin to harness the true power of Social Media Marketing.The problem with most Social Media Marketing Companies in Miami is that they tend to ignore one of the biggest factors in Social Media, gaining new clientele. Lucid achieves this by finding the perfect audience for your business and advertising to them in the most intuitive manner possible. By analyzing all major channels available through Social Media we make sure to find the highest converting for each business type and optimize/advertise through them to receive the highest amount of exposure possible at the lowest price possible.

Below is a short breakdown of how advertising through Social Media Marketing works

Social Media Marketing in Miami (and any market really) is very Similar to Search Marketing in that it has 2 sectors, Organic & Paid Ads (SEO & PPC) the difference being that in Social Media Marketing the 2 forms are very connected.

  • The First step is to create Facebook, Twitter, & or YouTube pages (there are many more networks but these are the most popular).
  • The Next step is to create quality share able content on these networks that appeal to your audience.
  • The Final step is to promote these pages via their ad networks using either a PPC (Pay Per Click) method, a PPV (Pay Per Views) method which is mostly for YouTube, & or CPI (Cost Per Impressions).

How often are you on Facebook? The growing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube(among others) is a trend that will only continue to grow and the biggest companies in the world have noticed this, which is why you see them all having Facebook and Twitter accounts at the very least. When people spend hours of their day using these services it is only natural that marketing on these platforms should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Social Media marketing is the newest and hottest form of marketing and businesses of all sizes and trades are developing Social Media outlets, and if you haven’t started one for your business then you’re being left behind. Here at Lucid Site Designs we understand the importance of Social Media and we will work with your team to develop a Facebook fan page, Twitter account to develop followers, as well as viral videos on YouTube as needed to develop your brand on the global scale and increase visibility.

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