Penalty Removal

Penalty Removal

We Help Remove Google Manual Action Penalties


Have you been notified in Google’s Webmaster Tools that you have either a partial match or site-wide manual action penalty on your website?  If you have than you need to act fast in order to take the steps to remove these penalties and get your site back where it belongs in Google’s search results.  The reasons for this type of penalty are almost always black hat SEO, specifically spammy backlinks.  Unfortunately once you have received this type of penalty, removal is not an easy process, it involves a considerable amount of research and outreach.  Our guaranteed removal process entails:

  1. We begin by determining the specific type of manual action penalty, as mentioned earlier this is 99% of the time due to unnatural links.
  2. We then dissect your entire backlink profile to determine which links are causing the penalty using all of the major backlink research tools (Webmaster Tools alone is not enough).
  3. After categorizing your backlink profile we then begin a large scale outreach effort to remove as many links as possible using the most effective methods possible.
  4. Once we have removed as many of these toxic links as possible, we disavow the remaining links in Webmaster Tools.
  5. After our entire process is complete we then submit a reconsideration request to the Google web spam team and await their response. It often takes a requests to get removed but we have always managed to get a manual penalty removed.

We have had a 100% success rate in Manual Action Penalty removals and any client that we take on for a manual action penalty remove has our guarantee that it will be removed.

Penguin Recovery Services


The Penguin algorithm and its subsequent updates and refreshes have been by far the most controversial updates Google has ever released.  They have managed to close down numerous businesses by effectively eliminating their online search presence overnight and has also ran many black hat SEO companies out of business as well.  Recovering from a penguin algorithm hit can be a very tricky and entailed endeavor but if you find yourself in this situation Lucid can help.  Our process is as follows:

  1. Determine that you do in fact have a Penguin algorithm penalty, many times websites actually have been affected by different algorithm changes or are dealing with a manual action penalty (sometimes it can be a dangerous mix)
  2. Once we have determined that the issues is in fact Penguin we will begin diving into your back link profile to determine which backlinks are actually causing the issue.
  3. After grouping all of the toxic backlinks in the websites link profile we then begin the process of reaching out to webmasters for removal.
  4. Once we have removed as many toxic links as possible we then disavow the remaining toxic links in Google’s Webmaster Tools
  5. The last and final step is to wait for a Penguin refresh, the intervals for these refreshes are very inconsistent and can range anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. In the interim we highly recommend beginning a high quality link building campaign.  Our content marketing & digital PR campaigns are a great place to start.

Much like Manual Action penalties we have had a 100% success rate with Penguin algorithm recovery, every client we have taken on for this type of project has recovered in one of the subsequent penguin refreshes.

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