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If you are looking for a Miami SEO Company that you can trust to deliver quality results and give you up front expectations and pricing then look no further. Lucid delivers quality SEO Results with real ROI in mind, don’t get fooled by quick talking salesman go with a company that delivers real results in real time. Check out some the SEO results we have delivered for companies in Miami:

Client Case Study: True Tree Service –

We built this website from the ground up and got their keywords ranking on the first page in less than a month, here are a few of their target keywords:

  • Keyword 1 – “tree service miami” – #2 organic position in Google & #1 organic position in Google Maps
  • Keyword 2 – “tree removal miami” – #1 organic position in Google & #1 organic position in Google Maps
  • Keyword 3 – “miami tree service” – #2 organic position in Google & #1 organic position in Google Maps
  • Keyword 4 – “tree trimming miami” – #3 organic position in Google & #1 organic position in Google Maps

Miami SEO Services

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is more of an art than a science, but there is a good mix of both technical skills and creativity in all good SEO campaigns.  Real SEO work starts with perfectly optimizing a website’s structure (the science) and then becomes an online PR effort (the art) in that we get some of the best websites online to mention your company on their websites.  This is done by developing high quality content and doing targeted outreach to major publications to get them to mention the newly developed work.  Traditionally known as link building, this has also become known as content marketing, which is another stand-alone service we offer.  The old way of doing SEO is known as Black Hat SEO and was the norm for many years in the SEO industry which led to many websites being penalized by Google’s Penguin, Panda, & Manual Actions.  Rest assured that Lucid never employs black hat strategies, unlike most of our local competitors.  Something to keep in mind is that if you are paying 500$ or less a month for SEO services, they will 99% of the time be black hat or completely ineffective, and your website will be penalized eventually by employing these techniques.  If you have been affected by any of these low quality techniques employed in the past we offer several recovery services including Penguin Recovery, Panda Recovery, & Manual Action Removals.  We offer Local, National, & International SEO services based on keyword competition levels for your website and we do not sell pre-made packages (which is another Black Hat SEO red flag).  Quality White Hat SEO takes time is always a marathon not a sprint, expect any of our campaigns to take a minimum of 3 months to begin showing positive results.  If you are looking for fast, converting traffic to your website please inquire about our Paid Search Services (PPC), as well as our Social Media Services, & Media Placements (Banner Ads, Sponsored Articles).

Our SEO process is as follows:

  • Keyword Research – Based on your industry and goals we will conduct some
    advanced keyword research to determine which keywords to place on your
    site that are actually attainable.
  • On-Page Process – We will conduct a full on-page construction of the site
    in order to place your chosen keywords in a way that will allow your site
    to organically rank in search engines.
  • Sitemaps & Robots – We will add the appropriate sitemaps & robots.txt to
    ensure that your site is crawled properly by search engines.
  • Canonical URL Corrections – This simple yet powerful step will ensure that
    your site does not have its ranks divided by a canonical error.
  • Full Link Building Activies – We use only industry standard and Google,
    Yahoo, & Bing compliant link building to get our clients the highest
    possible SEO results, without the risk of being penalized.
  • Content & Copywriting Services – We will provide unique and quality
    content using your chosen keywords, while still being relevant to your
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking – Using Google Analytics and other tools
    we will perform advanced conversion tracking on your website to properly
    manage your Return on Investment.
  • Monthly Reporting – To ensure both transparency and allow our clients
    to gain some perspective on how their site is performing and how our
    services are benefiting them.

We also offer the following SEO services individually

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