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Content Marketing Miami

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The term content marketing has been getting an awful lot of attention recently, especially in association with SEO. Take a look at Google Trends over the past 10 years:

Content Marketing

The reason content marketing has been exploding in popularity is because it can really help your business grow, no matter the size.  The process involves creating relevant, engaging content on your site and then syndicating it across the web to the websites & social media outlets that share a similar audience.  Thus reaching your target audience and establishing your company as an authority in your industry.  We here at Lucid have several different content marketing techniques we employ for our clients, all with customized strategies to fit their needs.  The two main strategies we employ are blog post creation/curation and infographic creation/distribution.


Our blog post strategy & writing team is second to none.  We do the research to figure out what your audience is asking and then fill those “content gaps” with informative, engaging blog posts.  Regularly updating and maintaining an active blog is an important part of any successful search marketing campaign.  Our process is as follows:

  1. Research into what the most common questions and searched terms in your industry
  2. Doing specific keyword research to identify which topics will bring your site the most traffic
  3. Having our team of niche specific content writers write the topics that are agreed upon
  4. We then submit the articles for your approval, once approved they are published on your sites blog.
  5. Once published we then syndicate these posts to areas of the web where your target audience visits to garner instant relevant traffic.

Depending on your specific needs we can recommend a frequency amount of blog posts per month and develop a strategy and schedule to meet your goals.  We have seen this strategy work over and over again with a plethora of different types of businesses and we would love to help your business using this strategy as well.


Visual content is much more likely to shared and distributed than contextual content and infographics are one of the best and most creative ways to create visual content.  Our infographic strategies are always completely unique forms of storytelling based on the most interesting, intriguing, & likely to be shared parts of your business.  The process involves:

  1. Developing a concept for the infographic based on your specific business and needs & then doing the research to find the most compelling content for your infographic.
  2. We then design the infographic using our team of highly skilled web designers to ensure it looks amazing.
  3. After the infographic is completed we submit it to your team for approval to make sure it meets any compliance needs.
  4. Once finalized, we then add the infographic to your site and promote it all across the web to attract natural links and traffic to your business.

Our promotion options for infographics vary on your specific requirements and needs and range from initial promotion to a full promotion in which we can guarantee your infographic is placed on at least one authority website and is fully promoted using paid social media campaigns on Facebook & other sites to ensure maximum viral output.

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