Digital PR Placement

Digital PR Placement

We Help Your Company Get Big Link Placements

The SEO world has changed and it has been a change for the better. The outdated strategies of mass link building using article directories and other forms of link spam are long gone. In fact most of those who had the misfortune of participating in these low quality tactics have now found themselves penalized. If you think you have been penalized check out our penalty removal services to learn more.

What makes our link building services so special is that they are done using a full on PR effort in that we conduct outreach to webmasters of popular blogs/websites in your particular niche and work with them to get your website featured. This is not simply “link building” but an actual PR effort that will get your website in front of your target audience by reaching them on already existing & prominent websites. This tactic not only provides relevant links for your site but also valuable traffic and exposure that other less quality forms of link building do not. Our Digital PR services are one of a kind and are done on a “pay per placement” model, meaning you only pay when we get your site mentioned or featured! The pricing is flexible and depends on the specific authority of the website that the site gets mentioned on.

The websites are always niche specific and are very real and legitimate in all cases, with that said we will always let you know the website we are prospecting to garner your approval before placement. If you have a specific website in mind that you would like to be featured on we can usually facilitate this as well, but the pricing can vary even more for specific placements. In addition to the audience exposure and instant traffic boost you will also be garnering a very high quality permanent link to your website which can do wonders in search results. Very few companies are offering this type of pay per placement service and we are happy to be one of them! Contact Us Today for more info.

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