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Posted by | June 1, 2017
Finding the Best CMS for Your Small Business

Content management shouldn’t be difficult — There are platforms on the market that are powerful, but can make your life as a business owner and content creator much more challenging....

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Posted by | June 13, 2015
Lucid Digital Launches E Miami Condos

Lucid Digital is proud to announce the launch of a new web venture in collaboration with Rufino Gil Architect, eMiami.condos.  E Miami Condos is the most up-to-date South Florida Condo MLS database...

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Posted by | January 22, 2015
Free Landing Page Template

You guys asked for it and now it has finally arrived. The fully coded version of the popular Lucid Free Landing Page PSD is here! Some of the features of this...

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Posted by | January 9, 2015
Internet Time Machine

Ever wondered what Google looked like in 1998? How about Yahoo in 1996? As you can imagine they've changed a lot and thanks to the Internet Archive we put together...

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Posted by | August 8, 2013
14 Questions to Ask a Web Developer

Choosing the correct web development team for any business can be a foreign and intimidating process to many. Our experience has shown us that many people simply don't know where...

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Posted by | July 31, 2013
How to Build a Website With WordPress

Just as a quick note before I begin this post, these are instructions on how to install the Wordpress software on your website and begin building a website using your...

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Posted by | July 9, 2013
Why Re Designing Your Site Matters (& Lowers Your Bounce Rate)

The sales process in Web Design can be quite a daunting task, mostly due to the abundance of low quality developers out there that are willing to promise people the...

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Posted by | July 2, 2013
How to Redesign your Website Without Losing Your SEO

As many of you have already noticed we just re-designed our website :), we did this for several reasons, the most important being that we needed a new look! Our...

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Posted by | May 13, 2013
5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS

I find it interesting that so many people have a bad perception of Wordpress, I can’t tell you how many clients have scoffed at the idea of building a Wordpress...

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